Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Keeping Your Home Clutter Free With Children

When you have babies, toddlers and small children, keeping your home clutter free can be a bit of a nightmare. As soon as your child is crawling, they’ll be exploring, meaning that nothing’s out of reach. This problem is worsened further when they learn to walk and climb, and you even have to be conscious about what you leave on counters. However, there are simple ways that you can help keep your home clutter free with proper planning. Here are just three…

Use Sideboards as Storage
Sideboards are great for storage. They only have minimal depth, so don’t come too far into the room, meaning the play area is left untouched. This is vital, as your children will still need room to play and explore, so you don’t want your room filled with obstacles or other slip and trip hazards. There are a number of different styles that you can opt for, too. This means that you can get the exact amount of storage you need.

A sideboard can be used in any room, and they’re a universal piece of furniture. This means that, not only will a sideboard look good in any room, but it’ll look great for years to come, too. A timeless classic.

Use Under Bed Space Creatively
The best storage space is the space that’s completely wasted in your home. Take under the bed, for example. This is often left completely blank, only gathering dust. However, when you begin to think creatively, you realise that you can use this space to your advantage. It can be a great place to store toys in tubs, or any seasonal clothes that won’t be used for the rest of the year.

Make Cabinets Your Friend
Regardless of the fact that clutter is bound to fill your home, the one area you should prioritise keeping clutter free is the bathroom, closely followed by the kitchen. This is because, in spite of childproof caps helping keep prying hands at bay, it’s still incredibly easy for children to get their hands on lotions and potions. Due to this, you need to make cabinets your friends, preferably with locks so that anything harmful can be kept at bay.

So there you have it, three simple ways that you can keep your home clutter free. Of course, there are hundreds more, but these are just our favourites. Use your imagination and you’ll be surprised at the simple ways you can find to help. With a child, your home will always be full of clutter, but every little piece of storage you can have will help manage the problem. Hopefully with these helpful tips, your days of stepping on left out toys and LEGO will be over. 

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