Friday, 27 November 2015

How To Light Up A Family Bathroom

Family Bathroom

Changing up your lighting design is one of the most underrated ways to dramatically transform a space. When it comes to designing a family bathroom, the key word is compromise - the space has to work well for everyone, with safety being a top priority for young children. With some help from the selection of bathroom lighting on offer at Scotlight Direct, here’s a brief guide to a well-lit family bathroom.

Safety First
Bathroom lighting in particular has to meet certain UK safety standards regarding wiring - and you need to get it right first time. House to Home write that you should divide up your lighting into different splash zones - from zone 0 (submersed lighting) to zone 3 (surrounding areas). Always hire a professional electrician to do wiring jobs for you, and choose child safety features also, including a string switch long enough for little arms to reach.

Layer Your Lights
When it comes to creating a pleasant light, you need to consider the different areas and the natural light on offer - you want a bathroom to be welcoming and well-lit, without being harsh. Spotlights over the bath and shower are great for functionality, and for smaller bathrooms can double up as a main light. Flush fittings are ideal as a central, overhead light, as it directs the light across the room. That said, you may also want accent lighting for highlighting artwork or great architectural features - think a small sconce with an LED bulb for efficiency and style.

Vanity Lighting
From shaving to applying makeup, creating the right vanity lighting is a must in any bathroom. It should be soft, but mimicking natural light so you don’t miss any spots. For even lighting, Better Homes and Gardens advise placing two incandescent lights, adding up to 75 watts either side of your mirror. A great space saver is a lit mirror or bathroom cabinet, which are becoming increasingly affordable.

Finishing Touches

The great thing about designing a family bathroom is that many elements can be changed with minimal fuss as your children grow. Waterproof, battery powered night lights are a often a good addition to a family bathroom for midnight trips to the toilet, while ensuring a feeling of safety during bath time. A wise investment is a good quality step ladder, light enough that it can be moved easily, yet sturdy and supportive for two minutes of tooth-brushing time. Decor, from paint colours to towels, can be made stylish and fun for kids - using seaside or nautical themes, for example.

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