Tuesday, 17 November 2015

5 ways to fall asleep fast


Okay, so there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for insomnia, but there are many things you can try to help you to drift off quicker. Here are five:

1) Have a massage
If you have trouble switching off mentally when it comes to bedtime, focussing on the physical can help. You can hold a lot of tension in your body without even realising it and having a massage is a great way to release any pent up tightness and help you unwind both mentally and physically. You can ask your partner to give you a backrub, book an evening appointment with a professional therapist or even invest in an Adjustamatic bed with an in-built massage system.

2) Meditate
Meditation is not just for monks looking for enlightenment. Paying attention to the present moment, your thoughts, your feelings, bodily sensations and your surroundings can improve mental wellbeing and sleep quality. Known as ‘mindfulness’ meditation, this awareness involves lying or sitting in silence and concentrating on your breathing and other physical sensations. Whenever the mind wanders, attention should be brought back to these aspects. You can stream or download guided meditation sessions online if you need help getting started.

3) Talk more
Is a work dilemma, relationship problem or financial worry denying you entry to dreamland? While you’re unlikely to be able to find a solution in one evening, it may help you to bring your problems out in the open during the waking hours. Discussing your concerns with a trusted friend, relative or colleague could help to put your problems into perspective, identify potential solutions and lessen the burden of your worries in general. If you’re seriously anxious around bedtime and have no one to turn to, calling the Samaritans may help.

4) Forgo your evening tea/coffee
Caffeine addicts may not like the sound of the following piece of advice, but it should be heeded if you want to get shuteye faster. Caffeine is stimulant so should be avoided close to bedtime. Studies have shown that even an afternoon dose of caffeine can negatively affect sleep so if you really want to improve the quality of your nightly rest, you should try to wean yourself off eating or drinking caffeinated foods or beverages post-midday.

5) Wear earplugs
Does every whisper, bark or gust of wind sound like nails on a chalkboard once you’ve laid your head down? If you find it difficult to ignore noises, why not invest in a decent pair of earplugs? Whether it’s a snoring partner, loud neighbours or a busy motorway keeping you awake, earplugs can help to dampen irritating sounds, allowing you to drift off more easily.

These are just some of the ways you can improve your sleep hygiene and find your way to slumbertown faster. If you’re experiencing serious sleeplessness and think you need more help, however, be sure to consult your GP.

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