Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Fisher Price Car Bed


Space is something that I find myself searching for in every sense of the word since becoming a parent. In past years I have searched high and low for a space where I could have time just for me, space to let my hair down and remember that I am more than just Leo's Mother. Space where I can escape work, and mundane day to day life in dreams of something more exciting 

In times of muddle I have searched for space to store the accumulations of material objects that life likes to bring to your front door. Nick nacks, books, old clothes and DVDs, everyday items that need a home, but seem to take refuge in every nook. space and cranny. 

Leo's bedroom for instance is the absolute perfect example of this, that boy has toys coming out of his ears, that refuse to stay in the allocated toy boxes, he has clothes a plenty and more 'stuff' than you can shake a stick at. What he doesn't have is space. Space that can be used productively, space that can be used actively. Space that can be enjoyed, space where he can learn.

I have been thinking recently about giving his entire room an over haul now that he is at school, because the space is there to be made the most of, it just means that we need to make a few investments in order to harness the reigns and achieve what we want to achieve with what's available. 

With Leo being at school it means that really I need to take a look at a quiet space where he has the room to sit down at a desk, where he can keep his books, where he can practice his reading and where he can write out those very first shaky words so that they can grow and flourish into sentences, stories and experiences. 

I need to provide Leo with his very own room to grow. A space that is practical and clear of clutter for the time that he is learning. 

One of the storage solutions I have been considering over the last few months, is something that Leo has been very excited about. A brand new mid sleeper bed that boasts a pull out desk. This would provide my little man with the best of both worlds, he would gain more floor space thanks to the built in storage solutions. He would have that space I long to give him for his studies, space that is only going to become even more necessary as the years roll by and his studies continue.

Of course for Leo those benefits are nothing, what he is excited about is the ladder, the ladder going up to his bed in the sky. It's a conversation that we have had many times before, and now that he is 4 and at school, I think he might be ready for his very first full size bed. It might be time to bid farewell to his Car Bed that he has loved since he was 2 years old. 

Space is so many things to so many different people, 
What is it to you? 

Fisher Price Car Bed

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