Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Glasses are making a comeback

To all the yummy mummies out there, don’t ever think that your glasses are just for your lazy days. Maybe you wear contact lenses usually but keep a pair of prescription glasses for when you’re relaxing at home. Well now prescription glasses don’t have to be something you’re embarrassed of.

I’ve found a whole range of prescription glasses that look great and there’s something to suit every face shape. They even have a face shape guide if you’re not sure which style suits you best. Some are designer brands I’d heard of, but others were brand new to me.

More and more celebs are showing off the glasses look too. Showing off all different styles for all different occasions, glasses are definitely making a comeback.

And now that all these styles are in my price range, they’ve become another accessory to really set off each outfit. With winter coming up I really love the combination of thick chunky Fendi frames like the ones below and a big woolly scarf wrapped around you. 

Or maybe combining a tortoise shell frame from the wonderful Michael Kors with some warm cowboy boots and jeans, all topped off with a thick winter coat.

Or finally, I’m loving seeing all the rose gold on the high street from jewelry to even hairstyles now. So why not go for glasses too. I’ve fallen in love with these Givenchy rose gold pair from Tesco Optician. I could either pair with some more rose gold pieces or go for the all black look with just the touch of rose gold in the glasses.

Buying glasses can be hard and it’s definitely hard to know what suits you. That’s why I’ve really enjoyed using the ‘Frames on me’ tool on Tesco Optician’s site. It means I can try on as many glasses as I like without moving away from my laptop. This is great for me, who could spend all day trying on glasses and sunglasses. Plus it means I can pout to my heart’s content. Check it out!

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