Thursday, 1 October 2015

Fun Halloween Ideas To Keep Kids Busy All Month

Inclement weather and the turn of the seasons can be an incredibly expensive time for many parents. With outdoors activities limited – and spending too much time out in the wet and cold being as detrimental to your child’s health as not spending any time outside at all – the cost of keeping your children occupied can be expensive.

Tickets to the cinema, bowling, video games, DVDs etc. can soon mount up and are short-term solutions to boredom. Halloween is fast approaching and with it an opportunity to keep the children occupied and enjoying themselves.

If you are planning a Halloween party – or even if you’re not – these fun, crafty ideas will keep the children busy for weekends at a time and will help build the anticipation of what is fast becoming a family favourite UK festivity. Decorate your child’s bedroom, and the rest of the house, with these fun ‘spooky’ decorations that can be reused year after year.

Your recycling box is a treasure trove of materials for Halloween decorations so before you throw it out, think about what can be repurposed with a little bit of creative attention.

Egg boxes make wonderful bats that you can hang from pretty much anywhere. Three cups will make the body and two wings. Shape the outer two cups into wings by cutting a ‘w’ shape out of them. Paint the whole thing black and stick two googly eyes on them, or paint two eyes on, and two dots of paint or glued on triangles of paper to make the teeth. Thread them with string or ribbon and hand them around the house.

Create a ghostly wall mural in your child’s bedroom by painting dried fallen leaves white and using a black marker pen to draw two eyes and a spooky ‘oooh’ mouth and stick them to the wall with blu-tack.

Halloween Kids

Decorate your child’s bed with fake webbing, or cheese cloth, and use a dry paint or make-up brush to dab it with baby powder to give it an aged, haunted house look – the baby power will vacuum right off or lift when wiped with a damp cloth. You could visit Bedstar to get a playful novelty bed that would last beyond Halloween and become a feature of your child’s bedroom for years to come. A Princess carriage, fire engine, London bus or racing car will provide hours of make believe play when the rain is pouring down.

Make gruesome illusions of heads in jars with a little bit of food colouring, water and a photo. Get a headshot with a plain white background, place it inside a jar and fill it with water coloured with a few drops of green or yellow food colouring. Use smaller jam jars for a ‘shrunken head’ look.

Paint old glass jars or bottles to make them look like Halloween characters and use them as themed desk-tidies.

Use plain black bin bags to create dramatic and super cheap spider’s webs by following these instructions.

Value orange tissue-paper balls from a craft shop can easily be made into a variety of pumpkins with some black card, scissors and glue. Just cut out the eye, nose and mouth shapes and glue them to your paper balls. Hang them around the house or use drawing pins to suspend them from the ceiling in your child’s room.

Halloween Kids

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  1. Great suggestions for Halloween fun! We stick spiders up the walls with bluetac and it looks fab! H :)