Thursday, 29 October 2015

Fitness is a state of mind

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide results

Fitness has become an aspect of my life that I live, eat and sleep. If I cast my mind back 18 months and beyond, I have become a former shadow of the girl I used to be, but for all of the right reasons. I have found 'me' again, in a web of tangles that had kept me from thinking that it was ever possible to be 'just me' ever again.

Getting into fitness has opened up an entire new world to me. From different foods to try and discover that I enjoy, to stepping outside of the box that I had cornered myself into, afraid to try new things through fear of not succeeding, fear of being laughed at, fear of falling. This last year has shown me that I am more than capable. I just need to push my boundaries, stop caring about what anybody else thinks, and just do my thing, my way.

By doing this I have found that I can achieve the impossible. I can see results that I once thought were way out of my reach, I have made friends around the world. I have made friends in my local area, and it was just this evening that I was in the gym about to start my fitness class, when a lady approached me. I was a little taken a back as I wondered what on earth I had done, instantly fearing the worse. She apolagised for the random introduction and then asked if I was completing Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides and sharing my progress on Instagram. Of course.. I am! It turns out that this lady was following my account online, and she was so shocked to see me in her local gym! It was perhaps one of the most surreal moments of my life...

I love discovering new fitness classes or events that shake things up a little bit, because there is nothing worse than getting stuck in a routine that gets stagnant. It put's you off, you loose your glow and then your motivation staggers. Switching things up gives you a bit of diversity and keeps everything fresh and current.

One of the biggest lessons that I have stumbled upon on my fitness journey relates to my diet and what I eat. I never used to care about what I put in my body, I didn't look at the ingredients, if it tasted good and satisfied my hunger pangs it was a winner. These days I am so much more conscious about what I fuel my body with. I eat well and enjoy what I am eating. I use many different food groups within my meal plans, grains such as Quinoa, nuts and seeds such as Almonds and Chia Seeds. Everything I eat has a purpose to keep my body fueled and ticking over to help me achieve my goals. 

RPM are a creative agency who have helped put on some fantastic fitness events for some of the leading brands. In a world where everybody is now thinking more about how they fuel their bodies, and of course working out, it is an incredible area to be active in. 

Reebok Cross Fit

The Reebok CrossFit Championships were incredibly exciting, it saw 500 elite athletes competing at nigh high impact events across Europe, with the Berlin final being broadcast live on Eurosport! Cross Fit is something that I myself have heard so much about in recent months, and it is definitely something I would love to try out. Maybe I will look into it a little more over the next couple of months and jig my routine around somewhat for the 2016.

Then of course there was the Weetabix Ultimate Sports Day that you must have heard about! Weetabix wanted to encourage children aged 6 through to 11 to get active and eat a nutritious, health breakfast. I am a huge lover of Weetabix and enjoy them with Coconut Milk and Honey. 

The sports days saw 400 children taking part at the Queen Elizabeth Park's Copper Box Arena, where they got to enjoy a traditional sports day with races and obstacle course creations. It even went on to see Mo Farah achieving a Guiness World Record for the 100m Sack Race!

Weetabix Ultimate Sports Day

I think it is so important to get children active from a young age, as a child I hated sport with a passion. My two left feet and my very apparent lack of co-ordination made exercise embarrassing, and it was for that very reason that I found it a real chore. It is that memory of P.E at school that gave me such a phobia of the gym, I guess that I was still pretty raw about being hit in the head with a rounders ball... Even all of those years later. 

My experience in fitness over the last year really has shown me that we all have the opportunity to work out and enjoy what we are doing. Take yourself out of the box, and tell yourself that you can do it, and you will do it.

Then watch as you show yourself how right you are. 


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