Friday, 18 September 2015

School Run Mum

Life right now is not what I expected it to be, it's better. The Mum who was once at work, missing out on school holidays, days out and about...She is now at home, she's a Mum who gets to take her little boy to school, socialise with the other Mum's while waiting in the playground and get to know the faces, the names of the children that her little boy is making friends with. 

I am that Mum. 
A school run Mum.

I haven't really spoken about how I became that Mum though, and it's only a very recent occurrence. Some people could say that I have had the worst year what with getting made redundant, and then suddenly having my new position ripped from under me when they back tracked on their word. But do you know what? I am so glad that all of that happened, because I have slotted straight into my new way of life. I love not having the stress of getting up in the morning and wondering what awaits my arrival in the office, I love that I get to be there for that beautiful boy of mine, because I am now right where I should be.

Leo goes to school in a small village, he goes to the very first school that I went to as a child all those years ago. I love it, it's small and friendly, the absolute perfect environment to nourish and mould my boy into the fine young man that I know he is going to become. It's fun and inviting, and I know that the experiences he is going to have are going to provide him with the very best opportunities in life.

Our school run consists of a few transport methods, as although Leo attends a village school, we live in the neighboring town. In a morning we hop in the car and take the short drive to the school, which is exactly where Leo will pop the scooter out of the boot and scoot the rest of the way into school. 

It's such a great way to start the morning, and as he scoots along we meet other children on their scooters. Children's scooters are a great form of transport, and perfect for Leo to get from point A to point B because if it wasn't for the scooter, I am pretty certain that he would insist on me picking him up and carrying him along with his book bag! It opens up the lines of communication for the children and even for us as parents, in Leo's first week at school I have met some truly beautiful people, I actually believe I have made a new friend, and it's not everyday you make a new friend. On his very first day as I strolled back to the car with his scooter, I got talking to a lady from the school. An hour later I was still stood there putting the world to rights with her, and it felt such an amazing privilege to get to be a part of this once closed chapter of Leo's life.

I am now getting the opportunity to be a consistent face in the school play ground, and in comparison to the nursery days where no one would ever really talk to me, because I was the Mum who was always at work. I was the Mum who's face didn't fit.

But now I am a school run Mum!

Now I get to watch my boy smiling as he scoots into the play ground. I get to watch him scoot around the playground with his peers as he makes life long memories, scrapes his knees and as he picks himself back up after a tumble. 

Being a school run Mum is something that I have always wanted, it's something that seemed completely un-obtainable, un-realistic, crazy. I was thrown into it, it wasn't a choice that I made, but I am so glad that it happened. 

Once the school run is complete for the morning, and Leo is away learning at school. I bring myself back home. I open my laptop and I write. I write until 3pm, I work flexibly around Leo and then I return and pick him up, where the rest of the afternoon is spent together. Usually quietly because he is so worn out from a busy day at school. 

And then the process begins again.
Because I am a school run Mum.

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  1. It sounds like you have a great balance. I spend, usually, three days a week doing the school run, work three days and then have my blog too. The plates are always spinning! Love your scooters! x