Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Marvel Kids UK: SPIDER-MAN Rescue Mission Review

Marvel Kids UK

Leo is growing up, and its apparent in every way shape and form these days. From starting school to the tv shows and characters that he is now taking a liking to. He is growing up. Very recently he has been fascinated by super heroes, Marvel and SPIDER-MAN being a very big hit with him, from the cartoons on the television to the toys in the supermarket. It was only a few weeks ago we walked a few pounds lighter with a Spiderman doll instead of a packet of sweets...

We recently discovered Marvel Kids UK over on Disney where they have a fun selection of games for children who like Leo, LOVE superheros. There are 8 different SPIDER-MAN games and 7 Avengers available to play, and obviously Leo has been swaying towards SPIDER-MAN. Thankfully with 8 different games to choose from it provides an element of choice. It has been a nice way to break up the afternoon after a long day at school, and I think he has been thankful for the downtime that he get's from it.

Marvel Kids UK

A firm favorite has become SPIDER-MAN Rescue Mission. It reminds me of the traditional computer games that I used to play as a young girl. The arrows move you left and right, the space bar makes you jump and the idea is to navigate through the digital world, taking out bad guys and collecting items that will help you on your journey. 

All of the controls are stipulated before you enter the game and tell you how to get SPIDER-MAN around the world safely. You can choose different levels of game play: EASY, MEDIUM and HARD, Leo and I have both been enjoying the easy setting, and I tell you what it is still catching us out!

Marvel Kids UK

Marvel Kids UK

Admittedly while Leo has been at school I have had a little play myself, and as much as I want to be able to say it's really easy... I struggle! There is a certain part of the game I just cannot get past, and because I am such a determined person, this does not sit well with me at all. This is exactly why I have been re-visiting the site and and trying time and time again. 

Leo thinks it's all rather hilarious because he's a little superstar at it, and because Mummy cannot do it for love nor money, he is having one big giggle at my expense. 

I have shown Leo how to use the controls and he seems really happy with it. Anything like this he just takes to like a duck to water, which may be super now that he is at school. 

Leo and I both really like the selection of games over on Marvel Kids UK and I am sure that Leo will now be making his way through the library of different games over the weeks ahead.

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