Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Christmas is Coming

It might seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas in September, but you only have to pop into your local super market and you will see that absolutely EVERYONE is already getting swept up into the Christmas spirit. Christmas just seems to come around earlier each and every year, and I believe that is because everyone starts to prepare for it earlier each year, if it's not the financial side of planning for the big day, then it's the organisation, because let's face it...Christmas requires a lot of organisation.

This year with Leo being 4, I am more excited than ever to start getting preparations underway. There is so much that I am looking forward to wowing him with, because the true magic of Christmas is all seeing and all knowing this year. Faeries, Santa Clause, Elves are already running around Leo's head, and the excitement is already brewing (Yup I know.. It's still September!'.

Santa has always brought Leo a new pair of Pajama's on Christmas Eve, but this year there is talk of a Christmas Eve box, that will be full to bursting with fun activities to enjoy, think hot chocolate, Christmas films, new slippers and new PJ's!

It may not surprise you that my thoughts have already turned to Christmas Stockings.., 

I have put together a stocking for Leo each year, it's a tradition that I love. I don't spend a fortune on them, they are just fun little bits and bobs, little trinkets that he enjoys opening as much as I did putting them together for him. This year I thought about what I actually spend on the stocking and the contents, and decided to have a look at the pre-filled stockings that you can get readily made up. 

They are a great idea if you have looked high and low for the perfect contents, already have a budget in mind, or cannot find a decent sized stocking to hold everything. Stocking Fillers have a number of different stockings for a wide range of people:

- Girl Stocking 3 Plus
- Girl Stocking 8 Plus
- Girl Stocking 14 Plus
- Boy Stocking 8 Plus
- Boy Stocking 14 Plus
- Male Stocking

We are now prepared with both a Boy Stocking for he ages of 3 and up, which is absolutely perfect for Leo, and a Female Stocking for myself. The clever aspect of buying a pre-packaged stocking is that you can actually make a saving (33% to be exact!) on the full price of the items that are within. The stockings are full of toys and games suitable for the ages you are ordering for, and I have to say that I have been very impressed with the over all quality of the stockings, 

The felt stockings are a great size at 56cm, and you only have to touch them to know that they are full of goodies! I have kept them hidden from Leo, so he has no idea right now. 

I may be pretty well prepared in some aspects of getting ready for Christmas, but I am yet to actually start Christmas shopping! Now Leo is in school though I am going to start strategically planning what it is we need to purchase, and start budgeting for the festive season.


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  1. These stockings look and sound like a great idea!
    I started shopping for Christmas properly yesterday and bought a few things :D