Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hello New Me!

Blogging seems to have taken a bit of a back seat of late, it has been so hard to find the time to get what I need to do done. On July 1st we said goodbye to the house that we had lived in for the last 18 months, and finished packing and cleaning up the house ready to hand back over. This has taken up a large amount of time, as not only have I had to muddle through the house to do list.. I have also had to prepare mine and Leo's room back at the parents house. 

I write this after almost (finally) finishing the un-packing, although I know I still have lot's to do. For tonight at least I am taking a few minutes to catch my breath and break my silence on this here blog. Among the move I have kicked myself in the bum and ploughed forward with a healthy eating plan. This plan has pushed aside my love of Coca-Cola and all things sweet, savory and seen me consciously eating a lot better. 

I have spoken before how I want to loose a few pounds, and the diet barely lasts a day before I have succumbed to tucking into my next chocolate bar. This time has been so much different, and almost a month into my diet I have lost 10lbs.

For the last month nothing but water has passed my lips (Apart from 2 cheeky nights out), I have been eating so much better, and eating smaller portions (Apart from on the weekend...) and I have even joined the gym. 

On the 10th June 2014 I weighed in at 9 Stone 11.8lbs, now I know I am not over weight and I know that my BMI is ideal, but I wasn't happy. I was at my all time biggest and wearing a size 10, I longed to be comfortable in my size 8 clothing again. As soon as I cut out the Coca Cola and waved a tearful goodbye to that bar of Cadbury's Chocolate, the weight started to come away.

I know they say to weigh yourself once a week, but I was intrigued to see the difference a day would make...So here is a little look into my weight loss so far...

Tuesday 10th June - 9 stone 11.8 lbs
Friday 13th June - 9 stone 9.6 lbs
Saturday 14th June - 9 stone 9.2 lbs
Sunday 15th June - 9 stone 8.6 lbs

Total weight loss for the first week - 3.2 lbs

Monday 16th June - 9 stone 8.4 lbs
Tuesday 17th June - 9 stone 8.0 lbs
Wednesday 18th June - 9 stone 6.8 lbs  
Thursday 19th June - 9 stone 6.6 lbs

Total weight loss for the second week - 1.8 lbs

Monday 23rd June - 9 stone 6.6 lbs
Tuesday 24th June - 9 stone 6.2 lbs
Wednesday 25th June - 9 stone 5 lbs
Thursday 26th June  - 9 stone 4.4 lbs
Friday 27th June - 9 stone 4 lbs
Sunday 29th June - 9 stone 3.8 lbs

Total weight loss for the third week - 2.8 lbs

Wednesday 2nd July - 9 stone 3.6 lbs
Thursday 3rd July - 9 stone 2.8 lbs
Friday 4th July - 9 stone 2.6 lbs
Saturday 5th July - 9 stone 2.2 lbs
Sunday 6th July - 9 stone 1 lbs

Total weight loss for the fourth week - 2.6lbs 

So just under a month into my new healthy eating plan I have lost 10.8lbs. I have done this a lot easier than I ever expected too. Although there are foods I would absolutely love to be tucking into... Chocolate, ample amounts of cheese and god knows what else. I have stood my ground and I am feeling so pleased with myself. Although I cannot see any change in how I look, or how clothes are fitting just yet, I am hoping that when I hit the stone mark this will begin to change.

I want to loose enough to be comfortably back into my size 8 jeans, and I really want to tone up at the gym. At this moment in time I am feeling incredibly confident in reaching my goals...

Watch this space...

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