Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Loosing a few lbs!

When you have a baby you expect your body to change in order to accommodate for this new life you are magically creating. All of those cells coming together for that tiny little person, who in 9 months you will hold in your arms. 

For that day to come though, your body needs to grow and change. 

I accepted this and welcomed my bump with open arms. I smothered myself in cocoa butter in the hope that the stretch marks may leave me alone. Yes it may sound vain but if I could help it I wanted to avoid them. I must have had some luck on my side because I never did get any across my bump, although after the bump had turned into a baby, I did notice 3 teeny tiny ones on inside of my thigh. Nothing to really complain about.

Now... This post isn't about my body post baby. It's about my body now. 

After having Leo I didn't have any issues getting back into my clothes, and I felt just as confident as I had always been. But since having my little man, I have taken to over indulging and I am now feeling like I need to take action and just loose a little bit of weight.

Now don't get me wrong. I am by no means over weight, and when ever I have brought up this in-security many people have told me how I needn't worry, how I don't need to start watching what I eat or even going along to join Slimming World.

They may not see the change in my body, but I certainly do. My tummy is not as firm as it once was (and that is since giving birth to Leo I hasten to add!) and I can see bulges appearing that weren't there before. While away on holiday I felt like I shouldn't have been wearing my bikini and quite honestly just felt like hiding away. Now I know these things are minor and in comparison to 'real' problems it is just that little bit laughable... But it is how I feel. 

That is why I feel the need to do something about it. I figure by sharing how I am feeling then it is no longer a secret? That by voicing these thoughts it may put me on the right track and keep me there. Give me no reason to back down and sneak into that fridge to grab the last chocolate bar.

For me putting on a few lbs hasn't been because I have had a baby, it is quite honestly because I have been over indulging. It has been too easy to say 'I can't be bothered to cook tonight' and reach for the takeaway menu... But now I am putting my foot down.

This Thursday I am joining Slimming World, I am cooking absolutely everything from scratch - even more so than usual. I am preparing lunches for work so I don't get side tracked by the vending machine and I am going to get back into the jeans I haven't worn in years!

Then the next time I do go on holiday, I will be feeling a whole lot happier about the thought of wearing my bikini again!

What did you do to loose some lbs? And any tips for someone who is just starting out?

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