Monday, 4 March 2013

Megson - When I Was A Lad

I have been on the hunt for some children's music for Leo, that doesn't make me want to open up the car window and throw it out into the big wide world, for me to never ever hear from again.

I was recently sent a wonderful album that is tailored for kid's and grown up's alike. Megson are husband and wife (Stu Hanna and Debbie Hanna). They have been nominated in the BBC 2 Radio Folk Awards and are double winners of the 2011 Spiral Earth Awards.

Megson don't primarily sing children's songs and it was only after they welcomed their baby daughter into the world back in 2011, that they became inspired to bring their new roles as parent's into their music.

Megson did just that and gave us 'When I was a Lad'.

When I first switched on their new album 'When I was a Lad', I was instantly impressed. The vocals and harmonies are soft and endearing, the songs are all different and after a few plays you will find yourself singing along in unison with them.

Unlike other children's albums I have had the dis-pleasure of enduring, I have found myself enjoying the Megson's take on the original compositions and children's folk songs. I even have a few favourites on the disk, and find myself listening to them when I am on my way to work...without Leo.

A few of my favourite songs just to name a few are 'All The Shops Have Fallen Down', 'Dance To Your Daddy' and my absolute favourite has to be 'A Frog He Would A Woooing Go'

The little Frog meets some interesting characters along his merry way but unfortunately for the little frog and his friends... they all meet a pretty sticky end. But despite this you will have it playing over and over in your head.

This is a really lovely collection of songs for both parent and child. Leo particularly loves '5 Little Ducks' and is forever quacking along with it, I can see it being a firm fixture in the car for many months ahead. As I haven't even yet been tempted to switch it back to an alternative CD.

You can purchase your own copy of 'When I Was A Lad' from the Megson website for £10.00.

Disclaimer: I was sent this music album for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. 

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  1. Megson are great! We saw them a few years ago when Debbie Hanna was pregnant with her little girl and a few times around the folk circuit before that. Will definitely have to check this new album out. Could be a good one for the car with the little ‘un.

    We are big music fans so having some listenable kids music is a biggie for us. Here’s a couple more suggestions to check out…

    Rockin’ the Fiddle by Jumping Through Hoops –
    More of a bluegrass flavour and features some great US roots musicians including members of The Punch Brothers and Uncle Earl.

    Big Stories for Little Ones by Rain for Roots –
    The brainchild of four Nashville-based musician mothers who wanted some good Bible story songs for their toddlers. Again, there’s a rootsy, nu-country feel to it.

    My Very Favourite Nursery Rhyme Record – Tim Hart and Friends –
    Most of Steelye Span and a number of their session player chums run through a host of old favourite nursery rhymes and songs in a largely folky/country manner. Great if you can get past some of the slightly dodgy late 80s production and synth sounds here and there. 30+ songs though

    It’s also worth checking out the kids albums by “They Might Be Giants”, famous in the early ’90s for their hit, “Little Birdhouse In My Soul” – “No!” “Here Come The 1-2-3s” “Here Come The A-B-Cs” and “Here Comes Science”


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