Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Treading Water

Back in July I told you all about how my relationship wasn't working out with Leo's Daddy.
That was 3 months ago, and I have been a little quiet about things since. 
He has still been around, in-fact we went on to 'see how things went'.
I wanted to keep things on the low so I could appropriately judge how I was feeling and make my own decisions. 

We promised that we would change our ways and make time for one another.
But those promises must have fallen on deaf ears, because nothing at all seemed to change.
Not even when he convinced me it was a good idea to still go on holiday to Cyprus.
I spent my time with Leo and had a good time, but we were supposed to be there as a family.

We got back and I kept wondering when these changes were going to happen. 
Nothing ever did change...
That familiar gap in bed you could fit a ship in between was as present as it always was.
The lack of affection was something I couldn't even in-vision changing.
Now when I actually thought about this, it was because we were far from that place we were once in. I didn't/ don't remember how to be close with him anymore.
I didn't want to be...
Instead of whispering sweet nothings, we either said nothing or spoke about our beautiful boy.

Then of course there was the persistent nagging about how things weren't to his spectacular standards. Yet he never once helped me around the house.
Apparently he 'had given up', but that must have been before he had even started. 
Then there was the nagging about my beautiful kitty Tigger.
How he never wanted me to have him, how I am selfish.
He even told me that I HAD to go back to work full time so we could buy a house...
That one really did make me laugh. 
Why oh why would he even consider us buying a house? Our relationship if you could even call it that was a shambles.

Over the weekend everything came to a head, all because my kitty has been clawing the carpets.
To me this is a big thing as this is a rented house, so I can't have Tig clawing the carpets. It's an expense I cannot afford.
So I did the sensible thing, I looked into finding him a loving new home.
I spent the day finding him the perfect family.
Now Tigger will be going to live with a vet and her family from Saturday. I will be so sad to see him go but I know he will be looked after and happy.

Now if you ask Luke, this is me acting in a immature way.
In fact as soon as I told him what was happening he told me exactly that.
'I am fed up of your sh*t. Your completely immature. I am going back to my Dad's'

I was completely taken a back but happy that it was finally over.
I couldn't see his justification at all. 
If he was honest, I would say this was just his way of getting out.
But that is now in the past. A distant memory.

The house is up for re-renewal, so I am free to leave with Leo.
I am going back to my parents until I can find us a beautiful new home.
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
I know that I have seen this partnership through, and we don't have a leg to stand on going forward.
The love we once shared isn't there anymore. 
The fireworks that once exploded now no longer pop.
It just wasn't meant to be.

But I don't feel sad.
I feel elated and excited.
Excited to look to the future and make plans.
Just me and my main man taking on the entire world.

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Julian Bowen Elite Bed

The Range is a bricks and mortar store that has a growing online presence, offering customers a wide variety of choice from homewares and bedroom furniture right through to a sizzling BBQ for those summer days. 

I recently tried the Julian Bowen Elite King Size Bed , and as I am very fond of my sleep and catching some 'Zzzz's' I was more than happy to take on the task of telling you all about this incredibly luxurious bed.

The Range dispatched and delivered the bed very quickly, it was on my doorstep within a few days of placing the order. It came in two large boxes with all of the bits and pieces needed to put it together, I cannot take credit for actually assembling the bed.. But I did watch and it was not over complicated at all. 

The frame is constructed out of wood, as are the slats that go across the bed to hold the mattress in place. From how it has all gone together I am confident that this bed is set to last, the finished bed is structurally sound and has so far demonstrated a real resistance to toddler bouncing. Unfortunately toddlers do bounce.. A lot.  

What I love about this bed is just how luxurious it looks, the high faux leather headboard is similar to one you would find in a fancy London Boutique Hotel, and it is all completely solid and finished to the standards I would expect of said swanky hotel bed.

The Julian Bowen bed features a really impressive headboard that stands at 125cm off the floor. I have found it in-valuable for leaning against when I am reading in bed (Twitter counts as reading...right?). It is nicely padded so that I don't get un-comfortable when I am sitting there schmoozing what is being shown on the television, and for those mornings that I just can't bring myself to get out of bed just yet. 

The measurements of this bed are 150cm by 218cm and after upgrading to a king size bed from a small double, it is safe to say I can feel the difference in the amount of room available to me on any given night. Even when Leo decides to come and star fish in the middle of the bed, there is still plenty of room for me to stretch out comfortably.

After the bed arrived I had to upgrade to a king size mattress, and after only ever having hand me down mattress's I decided it was my time to spring for a memory foam mattress. I was obviously feeling like spoiling myself, and I am so glad that I did. This bed combined with the new mattress is actually my idea of heaven, and when Leo does decide he is going to wake up in the night because he has dropped his Lightning McQueen car out of the cot.. Well it just makes it even harder for me to prise myself from my bed.

I absolutely love the look of this bed, and it is incredibly comfortable to sleep on. With the mattress on the bed it is quite a height off the floor, but how much depends on just how thick the mattress is you place on it. I quite like having this height when getting into bed, it makes it easier to get in and out of in the grand scheme of things. But even Leo can get in and out without any issues so it is not too high to keep the little people in your life at bay.

If you were thinking of storing things under your new Julian Bowen bed, then this is where you may fall short. There isn't much room at all under the bed, and you definitely won’t fit any storage boxes underneath. Personally for me though this isn't an issue. I have a big double wardrobe with lots of storage capability, so anything that was once under the bed is now safely stored away in the wardrobe. I am actually quite glad that the bed comes down so low, as I am always finding things that have gone AWOL under the bed, so this gives me a fighting chance of actually knowing where things are. 

Having said that though.. It will be a struggle if Leo accidentally drops something down the back of the headboard, as that won't be very easy to get to. 

All I have to do now is invest in a new duvet cover set for the bed, and I have been checking out the selection over at The Range as they have some really nice items available. I have the perfect image in my mind, and I am actually opting for the Shimmer Black Bedding. I think this is going to look really great against the faux leather. 

Over all I am really impressed with the Julian Bowen Elite King Size Bed. It is everything I could ask for, and has definitely made me look forward to bed time a little more each night. For the money it is actually a real bargain, it costs just £229.99 and includes free delivery. 

What more could you want out of a bed?

Disclaimer: In Association with The Range.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Loosing a few lbs!

When you have a baby you expect your body to change in order to accommodate for this new life you are magically creating. All of those cells coming together for that tiny little person, who in 9 months you will hold in your arms. 

For that day to come though, your body needs to grow and change. 

I accepted this and welcomed my bump with open arms. I smothered myself in cocoa butter in the hope that the stretch marks may leave me alone. Yes it may sound vain but if I could help it I wanted to avoid them. I must have had some luck on my side because I never did get any across my bump, although after the bump had turned into a baby, I did notice 3 teeny tiny ones on inside of my thigh. Nothing to really complain about.

Now... This post isn't about my body post baby. It's about my body now. 

After having Leo I didn't have any issues getting back into my clothes, and I felt just as confident as I had always been. But since having my little man, I have taken to over indulging and I am now feeling like I need to take action and just loose a little bit of weight.

Now don't get me wrong. I am by no means over weight, and when ever I have brought up this in-security many people have told me how I needn't worry, how I don't need to start watching what I eat or even going along to join Slimming World.

They may not see the change in my body, but I certainly do. My tummy is not as firm as it once was (and that is since giving birth to Leo I hasten to add!) and I can see bulges appearing that weren't there before. While away on holiday I felt like I shouldn't have been wearing my bikini and quite honestly just felt like hiding away. Now I know these things are minor and in comparison to 'real' problems it is just that little bit laughable... But it is how I feel. 

That is why I feel the need to do something about it. I figure by sharing how I am feeling then it is no longer a secret? That by voicing these thoughts it may put me on the right track and keep me there. Give me no reason to back down and sneak into that fridge to grab the last chocolate bar.

For me putting on a few lbs hasn't been because I have had a baby, it is quite honestly because I have been over indulging. It has been too easy to say 'I can't be bothered to cook tonight' and reach for the takeaway menu... But now I am putting my foot down.

This Thursday I am joining Slimming World, I am cooking absolutely everything from scratch - even more so than usual. I am preparing lunches for work so I don't get side tracked by the vending machine and I am going to get back into the jeans I haven't worn in years!

Then the next time I do go on holiday, I will be feeling a whole lot happier about the thought of wearing my bikini again!

What did you do to loose some lbs? And any tips for someone who is just starting out?

Monday, 19 August 2013

Life is like a pair of shoes...

I have made it no secret that I struggled in going back to work after taking 13 months off for my maternity leave. Although time has made things easier and I have adjusted to not spending all of my time with Leo, it has highlighted cracks in the path ahead of me and shown me that going back to work really is a tough choice to make.

Taking over a year off changes you, and when you do go back to that role you under took before coming a parent, sometimes it doesn't fit you in the same way that it once did. I know that for me that is exactly the case, during the time I was absent the office life hustled and bustled as it always did. But I wasn't there, I wasn't a part of all of these new changes. So when I did eventually come back to fill my old shoes, I realised how much smaller they had become. They didn't fit me in the same way any more and they seemed to have lost all of that sparkle and shine they once had. 

In reality though, it wasn't just the job or the people that had changed. I had changed too. In those 13 months I had been 'Mummy' day in and day out. I had changed in order to care for my baby, and he was my number one. It was around this time that I stumbled into the world of blogging and found so many doors opening up for me.

It took going back to work for me to actually see what I wanted for my future, what I still want. In an ideal world I would love to go back and re-train. I would absolutely love to get a marketing qualification under my belt and really throw myself into my future. There is still time for me to break away from my comfort zone and propel my way in a brand new pair of shoes, shoes that fit perfectly and have all of their glitz. 

I am currently gaining work experience in the industry of marketing and public relations, and who knows what the future will hold for me. One day in the not so distant future I in-vision handing in my old shoes and skipping down that yellow brick road ahead of me in a pair of ruby slippers.

For now though, I just have to hope that these old shoes stand their ground.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post

Monday, 29 July 2013

The New H&A Bath Time Range

Bath time is a time that comes once every day in our house, as Leo has got older it has become increasingly apparent to me that it really is an essential time of the day.

Leo seems to have a way about him that encourages anything and everything dirty to stick to him. It is almost as though he is a magnet and the dirt is being pulled by a polarised attraction. Dare I tell you about the day a week or so ago that I actually put him in WHITE linen trousers? Dare I tell you about what happened less than 5 minutes after I put them on him? 

Juice... That is what happend.

Then of course the grass stains followed...

Bath time... Yes bath time happens every day in our house.  

At this moment in time Leo isn't really enjoying his baths. He has gone back to standing and refusing to sit, so I am always on the look out for ways to encourage him to sit down in the tub. As luck would have it he has recently got really into Disney films and cartoons, so we are entering a whole new stage of persuasion that I can use to my advantage. 

Character merchandise!

H&A have launched a new soft and gentle range to get your mucky pup through the bubble and squeak that is bath time, and out the other side looking like prince charming! There are some really well known characters in the new line up:

- Thomas & Friends
- Minnie Mouse 

The new range has been specially formulated for our little people. I have used products with Leo in the past and with his sensitive skin it has completely dried it out, but these bubbles have been nothing but kind to his skin. The fun character designs mean that our growing babies can start to move away from the traditional baby bath ranges, and even start to pick their favourite cartoon characters!

Each of the character selections have a Soft and Gentle Shampoo and Bubbly Bath to complete the bath time experience. We have been asked to try out these new products with Leo, and picked the lovable Finding Nemo to help us along on our daily cleaning ritual.  

Leo has loved pointing out Nemo on the packaging and has even helped pour the bubbles into his bath. You only need a drop of the bubble bath for a nice frothy bath, and as Leo always points the bubbles out I know he was suitably impressed! Fitting in with bath time at present Leo decided that he wasn't going to sit down at all which made getting photos of him rather difficult. 

The shampoo lathers up perfectly and you don't need much at all, of course Leo was very pleased about this as having his hair washed is by far the worst thing about bath time. What is great about the shampoo is that it doesn't run, and saves those little eyes from the soapy bubbles that occasionally drop in to say hello.

As a parent of a child who does react to certain bath products I think the new h&a range is fun and perfect for Leo's needs. I like that there is a subtle fragrance to both the bubble bath and the shampoo but is not too over powering, and is the perfect sign of a freshly washed bubba who is ready to head to bed. 

H&A is currently running a Try me, love me, money back guarantee on this new bath time range. All you have to do is pick up a pack featuring a special sticker in your local Sainsbury’s store, and give the products a go for yourself. At £2.00 each per item I think it is very competitively priced, especially for the characters featuring on the bottles.

If your little one is at a age where they can tell you which character they would rather choose, let them! It may make bath time that little bit easier. In hind sight I think that Leo would have probably chosen the Thomas & Friends after he has recently fallen in love with 'Choo Choo's'.

You can keep up to date with H&A on their Facebook Page and of course their official website.

Happy splashing!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Why Should I!?

I haven't talked about work on the blog for a while, if I am honest it is because I don't want to bore you with my drivel. The kind of drivel that would see me complaining throughout the entire post about how down I feel about my working life, but today...Well that is exactly what you are going to be reading if you choose to read on.

It is no secret that I am un-happy at work, I have told you all about the office troll and how I have found it hard since I returned to work last year. How I supposedly returned to the same job but slunk right down to becoming a general dog's body, or the office skivvy as I like to call it...

Last week I was asked if I would lend a hand at the open day this Wednesday serving coffee. Of course I had no objection there and agreed to do it. Then I was told I would have to drive over an hour for the privilege of doing them this favour.

I am the most nervous driver and point blank refuse to go on the motor way, so this for me was out of the question and is exactly what I told them. I was more than happy to lend a hand if I could hop in someone else's car, but I was not going to stress myself out over something that I didn't need to.

This was accepted after it was questioned to the high heavens, but then why should I have to justify myself when I was doing them a favour? I was told that I would be car sharing with a colleague but not given any timings of what the day was going to entail, but of course they know I have to get back for Leo so it wouldn't be late...would it!?

Actually it turns out I was wrong on that point, the day is due to start at 7:30am meaning I have to drop Leo off with Granny early. This is no problem and I can work around that, but I wouldn't be back  from the open day until gone 7:30pm. Wednesday nights don't give me any flexibility at all, my Mum has commitments that she can't break, and why should she? Luke is working late and I don't have anyone to have Leo after 5:00pm. 

Of course now they have been forthcoming with the times I can see that this just isn't fees-able for me to take part in, if I go along and help there is no way I can get back unless I catch a train at 2:00pm getting me back in time to pick up Leo, but then they are still up the creek without a paddle. If I was to drive I would still have to leave early to get back...

But when I highlighted my dilemma this afternoon I was made to feel like I again had to justify my actions, when I know that I don't. The office troll told me I should drive and that my Dad could have Leo. This lady doesn't even know my Dad, and if she did she would know he works in Sheffield throughout the working week. Surely me telling them that I don't have any childcare should be ample enough and kept the office troll from name dropping people who could have MY son!?

The office troll kept questioning why I wouldn't drive and told me how I should go about getting there. She told me it was possible and kept pushing. 

Then the final nail in the coffin was my line manager saying 'well I fail to see why this is my problem' Well who's problem is it then eh boss? Because it most certainly isn't mine. YOU need to find someone to go along and serve coffee for the potential clients, because I will not be bullied, pushed or forced into doing something I am un-comfortable with. 

I will stand my ground. 

I guess I don't have any particular solid reason as to why I don't like driving long distance, but the feeling is there all the same. Why should I put myself in a situation that makes me nervous?

Aside from the fact I can't leave Leo on his own or have the desire to drive to Oxford, it is the night before Leo's birthday! The night that I planned to bake Leo's cake and get everything ready for his birthday the following day. 

I thought that I would be able to take the hour I was going to be owed from the morning and leave an hour early so that I could have a head start on Leo's big day! But apparently that would be asking to much!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Family Day Out at The Dudley Bowlplex

Leo and I were recently invited along to the new iKidz Centre and Bowlplex situated in Dudley. It is about a 50 minutes’ drive away from us so we planned a day out in Birmingham, one that was sure to keep little man entertained.

The day we were due to go Leo came down with a horrid cough and cold, so despite him feeling a little under the weather we decided he would still have a wail of a time once he was there!

The iKidz area is a fantastic soft play area for babies, toddlers and children to run around, expand energy and enjoy themselves.

Upon arrival we were greeted by smiling faces and shown where we needed to go in order to get into the iKids play area. Leo was offered squash and given a smiley face stamp for his hand (a stamp that he didn’t originally want, but couldn’t stop pointing out after!)

 As we walked into the play area I heard Luke exclaim ‘wow’ and I could immedietly see why he was in awe. The whole structure was modern, bright and exciting to look at. If that wasn’t enough inclination for you to take off your shoes and run, hop, jump and skip onto the structure…then you should have seen just how quiet this child’s paradise was!

Perfect for little man to explore without us worrying about him getting hurt.

The staff put on daily activities throughout the week for parent’s to bring their children along to, just to get them out of the house and entertained for an hour or so. I had picked the day we visited for two reasons, firstly there was an activity that I thought Leo would really enjoy and secondly it was a day that Luke had off work.

Leo was given chance to have a play before the daily optional activity began, and when the musical instrument session did start, Leo would not play ball. I showed him the instruments that he could play with…But Leo waved and ran away. Leo climbed up to the next floor and waved through a window to me. A big smile tearing across his cheeky little face.

There was no way he was coming back, so I was left with the lovely instructor and other families whose children did want to play.

They do a range of different activities with the kid’s throughout the week, on a Tuesday they have sand and water play! I think Leo would have definitely stuck around for that!

Aside from Leo and a few other children in the play area, it was so quiet. Leo could go wherever her wanted and do whatever he wanted. Luke and I were both free to follow him onto the equipment to make sure that he was ok in all of his endeavours.

Leo wasn’t his usual happy self and it was apparent that he was a little under the weather, but he was very soon running around the place like he owned it. He was climbing up and down the stairs, running around on the first floor…All until he discovered the Perspex floors….

Leo did not like those Perspex floors one little bit, and the only way that I could get him over them was to physically carry him over. I was really surprised that Leo could associate them with fear at his age, but he was adamant that he wasn’t going to be walking over on this occasion!

The play equipment is finished off to the highest standards and we discovered some super extras tucked away with the usual treasures, in the ball pool area there is some fabulous equipment such as a ball pipe that sucks up the balls you place inside up and away, spitting them above the ball pool into a net! There is also a table with holes that you can place balls on, pressing the button shoots the balls up and holds them with the air that streams out!

Leo thought this was all great and we spent a while just playing around in there.

There is a choice of 3 different types of slide, which I must insist you try! There is the long curly wirly slide, one very similar to the one we have in our local soft play area, the only difference is….This one is super fast. I took Leo down expecting the same leisurely decent, but when I reached the bottom I had one confused toddler and one very dizzy Mummy to contend with!

What I thought was really great was that there was a room on the play structure full of giant duplo, Leo thought this was great! The only dilemma that we faced was that the Perspex flooring was favoured in this room! The only way Leo would play in here was stood on the Purple seams!

The iKidz play area is situated on the far right of the bowlplex, and you can actually see the bowling lanes from the play area. This is where little man discovered bowling for the very first time! With Leo’s interest in place we decided now would be the perfect time to introduce Leo to the game. We were shown to our lane and helped to get the board all set up, and then the game commenced.

Leo had a super time for the first few goes, we put the ball on the run and let him push it down the ramp. Leo was actually doing better than I was! And in the end Daddy won, followed closely by Leo….and then of course there was me!

Leo soon started to feel more under the weather and began to become more whingey and just wanted cuddles, We picked this moment to take our very tired, grumpy little man out for lunch.

We had a lovely time at the Bowlplex and would highly recommend it for a family day out. There is something for everyone to do, the younger children will be more than welcome in the play area, for the older children and adults there are arcade games and bowling, Leo even demonstrated that you are never too young to take part!

Disclaimer: I was invited along to the Dudley Bowlplex to share my personal experience and opinions  We had a lovely time and would highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Iwas recently asked if I would like to trial Casabu – the flash sales parenting site that stocks a wide range of products for Mum and baby. Casabu host daily sales from a variety of the exciting product ranges that they stock, from clothing, toys, nursery equipment, maternity gear with up to 90% off retail prices!

To benefit from the great savings on Casabu you first need to create an account or sign in with your Facebook account. Once you are logged in a number of special offers from that day are presented to you, and you can either have a look at these deals or head up to the tool bar at the top of the page, where you can shop in a number of different ways:

-By Brand
- By Age
- By Category

The website is really easy to navigate and it is really simple to find what you are looking for. The deals change daily so if nothing takes your fancy today, then you can check back tomorrow to see what new goodies are in stock. Once you are all signed up you will receive a daily email with the latest deals, so it could not be easier to keep up to date with the latest bargains. 

I ordered Leo a really lovely wooden tool bench on the 30th April 2013, and you are given a rough idea on the product page of when your order will be dispatched. I was advised upon booking that delivery could take up to 13 days, it took 15 days in the end but I was in no rush for delivery as the item is actually being put away for Leo's birthday in June.

I have to say though that the customer service was brilliant. Casabu called me to let me know that there had been a delay on my item and told me that the stock was coming in later that week and it would be dispatched pretty much straight away to fulfill my order. They also sent me an email to confirm the voicemail after I missed their call, you cannot ask for anything more than that really!

The email told me that delivery would be made on the Wednesday, and they were completely right! I had to very quickly move the very bright tool bench box out of Leo's eye line as he wanted to open it there and then!

Casabu currently have some lovely items in stock, but you have to get in quick to secure what you would like as things do sell out pretty quickly.

Here is a little selection of the items I like on today's offers, 

For Leo's last birthday we actually bought him a Smart Trike Zoo and he adored it, and I can confirm that we certainly paid much more than the fantastic price of £72.00 that it is currently selling for over at Casabu!

I can highly recommend Casabu, and I have not been dis-heartened by the delay in my product arriving. I think if you are on the look out for a gift for someone, look in advance and then you will  be prepared.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a voucher for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions are completely honest and my own.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Office Troll

Every office has one.

An office troll I mean… 
You know who I am talking about…

That one person who somehow thinks you are beneath them. Feels the need to scrutinise your work and tell you how to do your job over the most minuet of details.

It’s not because they are right, it’s all because they are an office troll.

That’s what office trolls do, they have no real purpose in life and their main aim is to just annoy the hell out of you. They leap out from under their rickety bridge just to ruin your day, and boy… my office troll really knows how to do that.

Office trolls can cause a serious health condition, known as rolling your eyesitus – It’s a tough condition to cure, as before long you just seem to roll your eyes all day long, and sarcasm becomes second nature.  

My office troll is the lady who covered my maternity leave. A lady who before I left didn’t really know whether she was coming or going. Not a lot has changed on that front, except she is now power hungry and more in your face annoying than ever before.

I do like to think that she catches glimpses of my eyes rolling up to the high heavens as she talks and I hope my sarcastic tone is not wasted on her. I hope she gets it as I want her to know how her trolling has actually left me with rolling your eyesitus. 

She will be in receipt of my medical bill..

Not only is my office troll a complete pain in the back side, she is down right rude. 
We have a lovely man who works here, he is a little eccentric but has a heart of gold. He is one of those people who can just put a smile on your face instantly. But the office troll seems to shoot him down and slag him off at every turn in the road. She has even put ear plugs in her tallons (ears) because he is apparently a distraction. 

Now I am not being funny, but that is not only rude but completely immature and the biggest distraction in itself. I didn’t realise that I worked on a play ground. 

Her troll cackle laugh gets my back up so much that I want to shove a sock in her mouth and tell her to stop. Her trolly jokes and her bitching just make me want to tell her to shut it. 

And maybe I should!

I don’t mind constructive advice, heck I don’t mind constructive criticism. What I hate is the ‘do it my way’ attitude that she preaches. I don’t think her feeling the need to check my work through when I leave for the day is needed or even acceptable, what I would appreciate is her keeping the hell away from my desk.

I have never given her any reason to think that I am in-competent, I just get the feeling that my troll likes the feeling of power she gets when she plays ‘teacher’ and marks up post it notes to stick on my work in her dire scribble…

She strolls over to my desk ready to push her advice down my throat, I say advice, they are more barking orders tinged with a gruff growl. A growl that I am pretty sure is caused by the hourly fag breaks she takes. I can see the nicotine that has stained under her finger nails, and the smell of stale tobacco on her breath washes over me as she spits her way through her sentences. 

I nod along to what she says all the while rolling my eyes, anything to just get her to stop breathing in my general direction. The conversations usually revolve around the fact that I have ‘already done it’ *rolls eyes* or ‘yep… I know what I am doing….’ *rolls eyes*

*rolls eyes* 

Thanks but no thanks…

But either way she needn’t worry, firstly I don’t have nearly as much work as I used to, (She has seen to that) so I am very unlikely to get snowed under. If and when I do need help, I ask for it. I am not one to troop on not knowing what I am doing, I would rather know the details and get it right.

What really puts a smile on my face is how late my office troll stays each night, even when I had her work load I was out on time every day. She will stay for hours after everyone else has gone home. Maybe… Maybe if she spent more time doing her work and less time trolling about the office she would be able to leave on time too…Or maybe if the work load is too much for her, she could share it out?

What she should also know is that as soon as I can, I will be getting out of here. 

I am fed up and I am done.

I will be crossing that old rickety bridge to pastures new, and if she gets in my way, I will roll my eyes one final time and boot her with all my might into the stream. 

Those Three Billy Goat Gruff really did have style and that is the only way to deal with a troll. 


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Room on the Broom

Leo’s just about to turn 20 months old and we are getting to an age now where he is beginning to appreciate films and animation. He already has favourite shows that he loves to watch and favourite characters!

It’s a sure sign that my little man is growing his own tastes and preferences. A sure sign he is growing up into a little boy.

We are big lovers of Julia Donaldson, the author of one of our favourite books The Gruffalo, so when I was asked if Leo and I would like to view the new animation Room on the Broom in the lead up to it’s DVD release on the 18th March, I was very happy to oblige.

Room on the Broom has been adapted from the popular book and brought to life on screen. It is a magical story of a friendly, but very clumsy witch who picks up a great array of different friends that she meets along the way. 

The clumsy witch keeps dropping her belonging’s as she fly’s through the sky, her hairband holding in her long plait, her magic wand and even her very tall hat!

As the witch plummets quickly to the ground on her magical broom in haste to find her missing belongings she comes across each of her new companions, and very soon it is not just the witch and her trusty cat anymore, much to the cat’s dismay! 

As the room on the broom begins to disappear, and the weight begins to pile up it is not long before the broom breaks in two, and the sorry crew discover that they have a ferocious Dragon on their tails!

It is a lovely animation for young children, Leo particularly loved the cat and began meowing at the screen. The run time of 25 minutes is perfect for little ones who are just starting to show an interest and can’t sit through a full feature just yet. 

The animations by Axel Scheffler are fantastic and really add depth and detail to this beautiful story. If you loved the Gruffalo then you and your little one are sure to enjoy this new addition just as much.

Room on the Broom is released on the 18th March and you can pre-order your copy now at Amazon for just £7.49.

You can get more news from the Official Room on the Broom website

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of Room on the Broom for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions are completely honest and my own. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pez for Red Nose Day

Do you remember Pez as a child? You know those characterised sweet dispensers and those yummy powder tablets that would come out of the characters mouth when you pushed the head back?

I sure do! As a child I loved them and I managed to get up quite a collection of the many different characters available back in the day. And up until the other week I thought that they had been discontinued as I had not seen them in the shops for some time. However I now know that they are still alive and kicking as on a very recent trip to Germany I came across Pez in one of the departure shops!

In honour of Red Nose Day and this year being very special because we are celebrating 25 years of good work! Pez have released special editions of the classic sweet dispenser, with…you guessed 3 quirky red nose designs!

Now I took great pleasure in introducing my 11 year old sister to the wonders of Pez, as she has never ever seen one, let alone tried one! She was very impressed and of course enjoyed the powdered tablet treat that presented it’s self when she pushed the red nose back.

The limited edition designs are based on the new Red Nose Day Pre-hysteric Dinosesaurs who have been fittingly named Dinomite, Triceytops and T-Spex. 

The dispensers will be on sale with a range of UK retailers on the run up to Red Nose Day, Sainsburys, Topshop and B&M and each Pez dispenser bought will pledge a 5pence donation to Comic Relief and their worthy cause.

However Pez have a secret, they have not only teamed up with Red Nose Day to bring you these 3 cheeky dispensers… They also have some very TOP SECRET, one of a kind sweet dispensers to auction off in aid of Red Nose Day 2013. These Pez heads are so highly classified in the secrecy ranking that they won’t even give us a hint as to what they are. Although with the big day almost a month away I don’t think we will have to wait long to find out!

The new additions to the Pez range are sure to be a big hit with the long-time collectors, so if you have your eye on one of these or even just want to introduce them to your children for this worthy cause, now is your chance!

Disclaimer: I received one of the fab new Pez designs to have a look and feature in this post, however all views and opinions are completely honest and my own.

Monday, 11 February 2013

My Little Valentine

Leo has the most gorgeous little face, 10 chubby little fingers and a glowing disposition that shines through his cheekiness. 

My being biased aside, he is quite the little gentleman who never ceases to put a big smile on my face.

That is why he is my perfect little valentine.

Mothercare have sent Leo some beautiful clothes to model all in the theme of Valentines Day, and here is my gorgeous little cupid playing model and having a wail of a time through each of the clothing changes before we finally settled down to watch Iggle Piggle before sleep descended.

I have found all of the clothes we have been sent really lovely quality, the pajamas are lovely and thick. Perfect for a cold winters night such as this evening. The jeans are thick with plenty of growing room for Leo's long legs and both of the tops are stylish and snug. 

Disclaimer: Leo was sent these lovely items of clothing for the purpose of this post, however all images and opinions are my own. We had a lovely time taking these photos and the quality of the Mothercare range is fantastic. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

The Possession Review

Lionsgate very recently sent me the new release of The Possession to watch for one of those moments when I obviously have a child free moment. Yes… I do occasionally get them!

So with Leo tucked up for an afternoon nap and Luke hard at work, I curled up on the sofa to watch a film that I wanted to watch, a film that Luke would refuse to watch had I waited for him to come home later that night.

I have to admit that I enjoy horrors, I always go in with really high hopes and come out feeling a little deflated after all of the hype that goes into the advertisments and the pre released trailers. And I thought maybe this time would be different, maybe this time my expectations would be met.

The film is about a young girl Emily who is coming to terms with her parent’s divorce. Emily and her elder sister are visiting their Father who has just moved into his new house since moving out of the family home. While driving along they drive past a garage sale where a mass array of household items and personal effects are up for sale.

Emily discovers an old antique (dybbuk) box completely unaware of the sinister items inside the box, and the malicious spirit that she is about to unleash.

The beginning of the film set the scene of what to expect from the remainder of the performance but I have to say after an explosive start I felt that it took too long for anything else to happen. There were moments where little Emily got my attention but for the most part I thought it was a bit hit and miss.

I liked that on this occasion instead of it being a Christian exorcist as in the majority of the other possession titles I have seen, that it was based around the Jewish faith. I thought that the basis of this had the prospect of a good film and had there been more scenes with the possessed child and more of a story about where the box had originated rather than CGI bugs swarming out of the young girls mouth, there would have been more of an edge surrounding it.

I do really think that it was somewhat watered down to appeal to a wider (younger) audience. Maybe to get more people through the cinema doors? Or to make more DVD/Blu Ray sales? For me in a film like this all the stops need to be pulled out and if that means making it 18+ then so be it.

I am yet to watch a possession horror film that has ticked all the boxes and let me leave the screening thinking that they had nailed it. I admit I do have high expectations for a film of this genre (I guess I just want something to really scare me!) but so far I am still waiting for that one film to come along and do just that.

For now though I do recommend giving this film a watch as although it did not tick every box for me it was enjoyable and lets face it Jeffrey Morgan is very easy on the eyes!

You can purchase your very own copy of The Possession right here.

Disclaimer: I was sent The Possession on DVD for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Dear Homebase...

Dear Homebase,

Back on the 17th December 2012 we placed an order with you for a wardrobe. A wardrobe that was going to take until the 18th January 2013 for you to deliver it, despite this long wait we decided to proceed with the order and booked the time off work to be in for the delivery.

The day before delivery was supposed to take place, I received a text telling me to expect my order between 12:30 and 2pm the following day as arranged. The 18th January brought with it a dusting of snow, and I wondered whether or not the delivery would still take place. I had to guess that it would as I heard nothing from you to say otherwise, and knowing that you had my number I liked to think that you would contact me and let me know if this was not the case. 

So I waited in all day, denying my little boy his first proper experience of the snow as I was worried that I wouldn't hear the front door knock while we were outside! However I shouldn't have worried as you didn't show. You didn't bother to let me know and it was I who had to call you to re-arrange delivery! You wouldn't have got in touch at all.

We re-arranged delivery for the 2nd February 2013, 2 weeks and 3 days since the first failed delivery. 6 weeks and 3 days since our order was first placed with you. 

Of course I cannot argue with the weather, and I don't expect you to be able to predict it, but I sure as hell would appreciate the communication to let me know. But I brushed this under the carpet and told my partner it was ok, that delivery had been re-arranged.

So you can imagine my surprise yesterday while I am waiting in the house expecting a delivery between the hours of 7am - 12pm and nothing arrives. We didn't even receive a text with an expected delivery slot this time. Nothing. Zilch. Especially nothing to say there was a problem and you wouldn't be delivering.

So I called you back up and gave you our order number, only to be told that no delivery had been booked in for the 2nd February and that we were not going to have our wardrobe again, but you could book it back in for delivery on Friday 15th February. 

Friday 15th February is 8 weeks and 1 day since we first placed our order and in my opinion completely unacceptable. I have lost all faith in you as a company and your delivery service. You are wasting my time having me sit in waiting for a parcel that most likely will not turn up.

Your explanation for being out of stock for the wardrobe we ordered back in December, a wardrobe that should have been delivered weeks ago is not cutting it. 

Why would you arrange a delivery for an item that you don't currently have in stock?

Why did you not contact me on any occasion to let me know what was going on?

So Homebase your service to me has highlighted that you have no sense of urgency or honoring a pre-arranged delivery date. You obviously don't know how to pick up a phone and provide the customer service that is needed. However you are very organised when it comes to debiting the money and not providing the goods.

I am so close to saying forget the order and go elsewhere, but after waiting this long I do want my wardrobe and for this whole pa-lava to be over. One thing is for sure though, I will never order through you again as it has been a awful experience and not something I wish to repeat.

Dissatisfied Customer 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Win a LeapPad1 with LeapFrog!

I am very excited to share with you a chance to win a LeapPad1 for your little one with LeapFrog!

The LeapPad1 is the original learning tablet just for kids and has some fantastic features that have been tailored for children 3-9 years old!  

- Motion-based gameplay and a built-in microphone and camera/video recorder. 

- There is a library featuring hundreds of games, digital books, videos and flash cards (LeapPad1 works with all LeapFrog Explorer™ games and apps). 

- It comes with a whopping 2GB of memory, enabling little one to build up a  robust suite of apps!

In 2012  the LeapPad1 was the winner of the most Educational Toy of the Year, Preschool Toy of the Year and overall Toy of the Year! 

The LeapPad1 retails at £79.99, and for your chance to win one all you need to do is follow the Rafflecopter form below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions:
Please only enter this giveaway if you live within the United Kingdom. A winner willl be chosen at random on the condition they have completed the entry form honestly.Once a winner had been chosen you will be contacted via email, if you do not respond within 48 hours another winner will be picked at random and the original winner's notification will not be valid. 
ThePrizeFinder - UK Competitions

Sunday, 13 January 2013


When I go to events within the blogging world I always like to carry with me a business card or two, you never know who you are going to meet and I do like to be prepared.

Instantprint offered me the fantastic opportunity to design my business cards with them, and asked me to open up my creative flair to see what I could come up with. Of course I accepted their generous challenge and began to design my new business cards.

I wanted my blog to reflect the business cards and wanted my header to be a feature on the card, so that is exactly what I went for.

The cards arrived last week and I was excited to see how they had come out, they looked great and the quality of the cards was top notch. I have ordered cards from companies before that have not provided great quality card, but Instantprint have printed my cards perfectly.

Now I have the finished cards I do wish that I had made the font bigger as although it looked large on my design, the finished print is obviously on a smaller scale so in the future I will need to take this into consideration and that is more a quibble with my design technique rather than Instantprint’s printing technique!

Over all I am very impressed with my new business cards and I will certainly be using Instantprint again in the future. Their prices are really competitive and you can get yourself 1,000 business cards from £16.00 - £21.00.

Disclaimer: I was provided with this opportunity by Instantprint and received 1,000 business cards to review for this feature. However all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.