Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I am not Super Woman

A week ago today I made my return to work

One whole week ago today...

This week's life lesson is very apparent to me. I am not and never will be Super woman. 

There are only 24 hours in a day, and I only have one pair of hands. I can only ever be in one given place at any one time, despite my wanting to split in two and suddenly sprout arms that would make any Octopus proud! Realistically this isn't going to happen, and something has to give.

This week has shown me that so much can change in a week, your feelings, hopes, dreams and your priorities. Of course Leo has always been my number one priority. That is exactly why I went back to full time work, but while I am sitting there behind my desk earning those pennies, I am missing out on Leo and his daily adventures. I am missing the most important person in the world growing up. Those beautiful Blue eyes that make me feel all gooey inside, and that little laugh that makes me melt.

Yes, I am making the money and providing for Leo but what is the point if I cannot see him and enjoy him? So yesterday I made my feelings known, and pushed forward on my mission to gain Two extra days a week with Leo. 

I told my line manager I wished to work flexible hours.

Today I presented him with my official letter, and he put all the necessary wheels into motion so I can try to obtain my ideal working scenario. 

What I like to call 'The best of both worlds'.

The best of both worlds are Two separate worlds that share me equally. Meaning I don't need to attempt to turn into Super Woman. I can share my time more evenly between work, and my beautiful boy. 

Work have been nothing but supportive and I cannot thank them for all their help. It is looking positive on the part time front and I would be very surprised if my request was denied. On the financial front there a things I do need to look into and consider, but I know that I want to take on the part time hours.

I should hear more back about the verdict tomorrow, and I will then take time over the weekend to seriously consider each and every detail. Then I will make my final decision based on all of the information.

Luke seems more open to the idea today, I am hoping this will continue as the information comes in. I know he is only considering the financial aspects, but then so am I.

I had a little chat with my line manager today and he was not surprised by my email asking for a flexible working pattern, he knew I would find it hard being away from Leo. Apparently more so than I did. He is very optimistic that it will be accepted.

Since having Leo I have found I have been so much more outspoken. The Laura before Leo was always happier to sit quietly in the corner while at work, and never speak her mind. Mummy Laura will do whatever she can to be there for Leo. So despite my worries about applying for a flexible working pattern, I did it anyway. 

I may not be Super Woman but Leo has most defiantly given me a drive.

A drive to do the right thing!  

If you are in a similar situation to me, take the time to really consider your options. And above all else...

Follow your heart.


  1. I hope they agree! My employer is very flexible for me, and it gives them a happier harder working employee!

    1. I am glad your employer has been so flexible :-) It makes life so much easier on us working mummy's x

  2. Hopefully it will all work out for you as I face going to work each day with my little girl going to a childminder all day. I've wrote a similar post about a month ago - check it out here:

  3. Refreshing change in colour, better than pink and be great for my 5 month old :-) @mummyof2tinys