Wednesday, 21 June 2017

What to consider when designing a home office

designing a home office

If you work from home like I do, or use a desktop computer in any capacity, then a home office is pretty essential. I would be lost without my little office space at home these days, and although it is just in the living room area (Because this is the only place that I have the room), it is still a very practical space that allows me to get everything I need, done. 

When it comes to designing your home office space, Office Principles have some great ideas and you can't go wrong if you consider these top 5 tips:

1. Location - You are going to spend a lot of time at your desk so you don't want it to be stuffed away into a small cupboard, no. You are not Harry Potter. You do need to think about the space you have available though, there is no point investing in a huge antique desk if you have no where to put it right? For me the living room is the only realistic place as I didn't want my working area to be in my bedroom. Granted I had to compromise on a decent size dining table, but in the grand scheme of things, an office space benefits me so much more.

2. Buy the comfy desk chair - This is somewhere you are going to be spending a lot of time, so you want to be comfortable right? I am still trying to find the perfect desk chair and currently I am going against my own advice. As I write this I am perched on my vanity table stool, and it is not doing my back any favours I can tell you. Ideally I want one with a high back that I can slouch into and feel comfortable while I am writing. Ideally it would have a heat function so that I can be extra cosy in the colder months.

3. Install good lighting - Sometimes I work quite late, or sometimes the weather means that the light isn't very good. I treated myself to a desk lamp that boasts natural light, so it doesn't look as yellow as a typical bulb. This works brilliantly for me because I am often recording vlogs in my office space for my YouTube channel. Even if you aren't into vlogging, having good lighting will help you get the job done.

4. Keep your Tech up to date - When I decided to sort my office space out, the first thing I did was upgrade my computer. For many years I was a laptop kind of girl, but this was more because I didn't have the space for a desk top. I now have a rather fancy desk top sitting pride of place on my desk, and as I was going for a white theme, all of my desk top essentials are in white (including the printer and the desk light!).

5. Storage - This sis something that I still need to address, I wish I could say that I was really organised when it comes to my work space, but the honest truth is that I am not. I want to invest in some shelving so that I can file my important paper work away (and be able to relocate it when needed), and ultimately keep my work place tidy. 

As you will gather from this post, there are still aspects that I need to address in my own personal office space, and the next thing on my list is the seating, then I will be in a much better position to address the storage space.

How have you got your home office?

Thursday, 15 June 2017

6 Tips For Picking A White Dress

When we think of formal white dresses, the first image that usually comes to mind is a wedding dress. If it’s a white, long dress, we usually picture bridal gowns. So, how do you wear a formal white dress without looking bridal? How do you defy fashion’s expectations and just go for it? Here are our top tips to embracing beautiful white gowns without looking like you are about to walk down the aisle.

1.    Stay Away from Bridal Makeup

If you have your heart set on elegant white homecoming dresses, you need to be careful with our makeup. We don’t mean avoiding getting it all over your dress (that’s pretty obvious), but rather, when you choose your makeup, you should avoid that clean and classic bridal look. Big lashes, glowing skin, and pale pink lips are the stereotypical bridal standard, so go in a totally different direction. White is the number one neutral colour, so you can really spend time making your makeup look work!

2.    Complement with Textures and Colours Instead of Sparkle

Chances are, you have seen Say Yes to the Dress at least a dozen times, so you know how many brides set out to be a sparkling princess on their wedding day. Instead of going with that flow, pick a texture and colour that will accentuate your look instead of making you sparkle. In fact, aim for a natural colour palette and even complement your white dress with a tan belt and tan heels.

3.    Make Your Dress Trendy

The trendier your look, the less you will look like a quintessential bride. Pick a formal white dress that has a trendy pattern, texture, or shape, to keep it from looking dull and to help you look modern. If you choose a classic white frock, pick trendy accessories so that you look more red-carpet ready and less like it’s time to head to the chapel.

4.    Concentrate on the Dress’s Structure and Shape

The ultimate thing that separates a formal white dress from a wedding dress is the shape. Try to avoid those classic wedding dress giveaways such as sweetheart necklines, voluminous skirts, and a sparkly, ruching, or belted waist. You’ll want to avoid a train, too. Instead, aim for non-traditional traits such as a two-set piece, cut outs, or a thigh split.

5.    It’s Okay to be an Anti-Bride

Another way to avoid looking like the cliched bride is to be the anti-bride. It sounds a bit ominous, but what we mean is when you create your look with your white dress, pair it with non-traditional bridal pieces such as messy hair, studs, a leather accessory, or strong cat eyes.

6.    Choose Strong Details

What about a long-sleeve, ruffled number? While long sleeves may be “in” for wedding dresses thanks to Pippa and Kate Middleton, a sharp-angled corset layer complete with a bodice can turn a snow-white gown into something very un-wedding like indeed.

Use these six tips to help you choose the perfect white dress for your formal event and avoid looking like a classic bride!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Give the Expecting Mother a Special Gift for Her Twins

Baby Gift

Is your friend, sister, or neighbour expecting twins? If yes, then it is time to start thinking of a gift. There are so many choices and you do not want to buy two of anything that is going to be what someone else’s has gotten the mom to be. From baby hampers to pink or blue matching jumpers, there are the perfect gifts out there for the expecting mother.

Baby Clothes

Babies go through clothes fast. A great gift idea for a mother with twins is a nice set of clothes. You do not have to worry about the ink and blue issue, just pick a beautiful neutral colour like yellow, white, grey, or lavender. Babies are cute and a small jumper or a little set of shorts and shirt are perfect to help a mother through the first year.

Baby Soaps

Little babies can easily make a mess, so what better way to help the expecting mother than give her beautiful mild soap. Make sure the soap is baby approved. There is nothing better than a baby, but a great smelling baby. There are many natural baby soaps that smell wonderful and look nice too.

Plush Stuffed Animals

Everyone likes soft things, and babies are no exception. There are several beautiful lines of stuffed animals that are made for infants. You always want to make sure the stuffed animals are made with high-quality materials so they are safe if the babies put their mouths on it.

Socks and Booties

The only thing cuter than a pair of twins are the little booties and socks they make for infants. It is always important for infant’s little feet and heads are covered. You always want babies to have the right temperature so they do not get sick. The babies should also be protected from sun exposure. There are many small cute all cotton socks and booties to choose from.


Hampers are always the perfect choice for an expecting mother as there are so many options from food hampers to neat collections of knick knacks for the babies. Choose from the high quality baby hampers in Sydney or in your local area. High quality hampers tell the expecting mother how much you care. The hampers also provide the expecting mother help with everything she needs to keep her babies healthy and happy.

Crib Toys

There is nothing more soothing than a happy baby and a sleeping baby. You can help the expecting mother of twins keep her babies and happy with neat toys that can attach to their crib or stroller. Babies absorb everything around them. Help the expecting mother keep her little twins happy and entertained with fun colourful toys for their crib or stroller.

Having twins is a special gift. Make your expecting mother friend of twins feel great by getting her one of these great gifts. Make sure you buy high quality as the gift will last longer and show you really care. You can find several excellent online stores that provide an array of great gifts for the expecting mother. Buy your special gifts today.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hair Loss, depression and anxiety

Hair Loss, depression and anxiety

I don't think people realise how much hair loss can affect a person's mental health. because to the likes of you and I who have a full head of hair, it's no big deal right? 


Losing your hair is like losing a little bit of yourself with each and every strand you find stuck in the sink. With each hair that comes away, another little bit of your confidence chips away with it. It's the longing to pull your hair line forward, to be able to style it the way that you like and not being able to do anything about it, looking at your 5 year old's full head of hair and wishing you could try it on for size.

Losing your hair is depressing. It knocks your self esteem and given the chance it can feel like you have had your identity robbed from beneath you. Male pattern baldness (MPB), the main cause of hair loss, and it affects an estimated quarter of men by the age of 30 and two-thirds by the age of 60.

I am talking from the perspective of a partner looking in from the outside. My other half has been struggling and trying to fight hair loss for the last 5 years or so, and I have witnessed first hand just how soul destroying this experience has been for him. 

Although he paint's on a brave face for the rest of the world, and laughs at the relentless jokes about his receding hair line, I know that every time someone has chuckle or makes a remark it cuts him up inside, but still he paints a smile and laughs it off, but deep down it makes him think about looking into a hair transplant again.

Last year we secretly visited a place about hair transplants, I went along for moral support and to find out whether my other half would be a candidate, we drove for a few hours to make this appointment but we went in secret. Friends and family thought that the journey was really a business meeting, he didn't want to draw attention to the fact that we were really going along to discuss what options he could have in rejuvenating his hair line. 

It is becoming more socially acceptable now though thanks to recent successful hair transplants on celebrities like Wayne Rooney, James Nesbitt and X Factor judge Louis Walsh. The meeting did not go the way that he had first hoped, and at this time he was not a candidate for a hair transplant, but who knows what the next few years may bring...

Hair loss is almost a journey of self acceptance, changing with the times and learning to embrace what you can't change. It's like having control completely taken away from you and I guess to put it in terms to an outsider it would be asking them to walk around with a big red nose on their hooters for the the rest of their lives. 

We live in a time where appearance is apparently everything, we all think too much about how we look. We want to feel happy in the skin (and hair) that we are in. Over the past couple of years I have looked into many hair therapies and the vast line of products that can supposedly work their wonders on male pattern hair loss, but so far we haven't really struck gold.  

We have tried lotions that you rub into the scalp, we have tried the Theradome Laser Helmet and we have tried tablets and shampoos. No stone has been left un-turned in the quest to slow down the hair loss and hopefully help it rejuvenate.

When it comes to hair loss it is worth remembering that the person that this is happening to, might be silently devastated inside. They might laugh at your witty joke (that they are probably hearing for the 1000th time), but inside this might just be soul destroying, and you have to ask yourself whether making that joke in the first place is worth that. 

Hair loss is not funny, hair loss can be a fight that chips away a little piece of you everyday.

Next time you make a joke, think about what is going on behind the smile on their face and the glassy look in their eyes.

Baby, Just Cry It Out

Early motherhood is hard. There’s so much to learn, and so many new responsibilities on your shoulders. It’s a time when you want to be as alert as possible. How else are you supposed to rock motherhood? Of course, any new mother will tell you that they don’t experience alertness often. We’ve all heard the term ‘baby brain,' right? Those first months especially can leave us feeling completely out of it. There are, of course, the extreme hormones related to that period. But, the worst culprit is often  lack of sleep. When you’re already feeling strange, not getting enough sleep is the last thing you need.

For the most part, a new mother can expect to be up during the night. Babies need feeding often, and there’s no getting around it. But, sometimes, our kids can disturb our sleep for other reasons. They may go through periods where they cry the moment you put them down. It’s tough and can be enough to break the delicate balance you’re managing to maintain. Instead of letting it break you, it’s important you find a way to a solution. Otherwise, both you and baby will be miserable. You should, of course, check the problem isn’t colic. This can cause babies to cry regularly, and a quick online search will help you diagnose the problem. If that doesn’t seem to be on the cards, your child may be testing your limits. If they get attached, it can be tough for them to go without you. As sweet as that is, it’s time to put a stop to the nonsense. These steps should find you sleeping sound once more.


The first step you need to master is getting strict about bedtime. If you usually put your little one down at a different time each night, it can disorient both of you. Having a bedtime routine creates an expectation in a baby that it’s time to sleep. So, they should be sleepy when you come to put them down. It may take a while to find a routine that works, but it’s crucial you stick with this.

There’s also an ongoing argument among parents about whether a baby should sleep in your room. Whatever your standpoint, it's tougher to be strict at bedtime if they’re in with you. Plus, if your little one is crying for hours on end, having them in your room is far from ideal. It’s worth taking a look at cots and cot beds, and setting them up in their own room. This step needn’t cause you any worry. You can get baby monitors and keep an eye on whatever baby’s up to. You never know, having their own sleeping space may be all it takes to stop the crying.

Some parents plan out their feeding, while others wait until the baby wakes up. They’re pretty good at letting us know when they’re hungry, right? But, if crying is becoming a problem, it may be time you got strict with your schedule. If your baby is hungry, you don’t want them going without. So, you run to them every time they cry and try them with a bottle. Don’t do it. Instead, write down feeding times for throughout the night and set the alarm for each. That way, you needn’t worry that you’re neglecting a starving child. You’ll be able to rest easy that the crying has another cause.

For many parents, the idea of letting their baby cry is a horrendous one. How could they do such a thing? But, if night time crying is ruining sleep for both of you, it’s the kindest thing you can do. You’ve sorted your feeding schedule, so you know they aren’t hungry. Eventually, they will cry themselves to sleep. It’s harsh, but it works. A baby will often cry this way to gain attention or affection. This is especially the case if they’re used to falling asleep on you. Who wouldn’t want cuddles with mummy over sleeping alone? If you run in and give them the cuddles they’re demanding each time, you’re affirming the behaviour. As hard as it is, set yourself the goal of letting them cry for one night. You may not believe it, but you can guarantee it’ll go a long way towards stopping the problem. If you find it too difficult to leave them, it might be worth entrusting the task to someone you know won’t cave in!

Monday, 5 June 2017

What You Need To Ask When Choosing Your Child’s Day Care

children's play school

The nursery that you choose to place your child in will have a big effect on them for the rest of their lives, so it is important that you choose one that will help to develop and grow your child for their future lives. Get some excellent advice on choosing any potential establishments to help you decide on the best nursery possible for your children. The trick is to make sure that you ask the correct questions!

Are You Licensed?

It is important that any establishment you choose to send your child to is fully licensed and bonded to ensure that the facility meets set requirements. The governing body will pay unannounced visits to day care centers to make sure that the children are taken care of properly, and that the environment is clean. They also perform checks on staff members to ensure that they have passed the required background checks. When you search for “day care centers near me”, you can then check them on the local government website to make sure that they are fully licensed as they state.

Can You Visit Unannounced?

It may seem like a basic question, but if any potential nursery does not allow you to visit without announcing that you are coming first, this may raise a red flag. Not all establishments will allow unannounced visits, so you will need to ascertain if this is allowed before choosing where to send your child.

What Are The Qualifications Of Your Teachers?

It is important that you choose an establishment that has fully qualified carers for your children, and this also includes members of staff that are trained in both CPR and First Aid. When it comes to an emergency, every second is important, so you want that peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children are well looked after no matter what happens.

What Is The Children’s Daily Routine?

Children need a structured day, so it is important that they have a set routine that allows them to not only learn new things and skills but also to learn how to interact with each other socially, as well as plenty of time to play and exercise. 

What Is The Food Like?

The food that is prepared and provided to children is also critical, as they need to eat a well-rounded and balanced diet. If your child has specific food requirements, then you need to make sure that any potential nursery can cater for their needs.

What Happens With Sickness?

Many facilities do not want sick children at school as this spreads the illness and can affect the entire nursery. You need to find out what happens when you child is sick so that you can make alternative arrangements to ensure that they are cared for, especially if both of the parents work.

How Big Are The Classes?

It is important to make sure that there is a good ratio of teachers to children, so you will want to ask how big each class is and how many adults supervise the group. The more children per group, the less individual attention will be paid to each child.

You will want to make an informed decision and also use your instincts before deciding. The education of your child is the greatest gift that you can give them, so make the right choice and give your child the education that they deserve so that they will be able to make the most out of their precious lives.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Top 5 Exercise for Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Transformation Photo

It is part of the course that you will gain a few pounds in pregnancy. With a healthy and varied diet, as well as remaining as active as possible during pregnancy combined with plenty of rest will all help to keep your weight in check.

Many women worry about losing the post-baby weight. The good news is that post-baby weight gain is not here to stay.

Take a look at these top five exercises from HARTMANN Direct for promoting weight loss once your baby has arrived.

#1 Get Walking

The right start to start exercising again will depend on your and the amount of time your body needs to heal. Don’t rush into exercising and always make sure you follow the advice of your midwife, health professional or doctor.

But a great exercise to start with is walking. In the first few weeks, take a stroll every now and then with baby in the buggy. Just enjoy the fresh air and being out and about. This will help your confidence, as well as promote healing.

Once you are healed and have been giving the green light to start exercising again, increase these walks to a daily occurrence if you can. On some days, take longer walks in time and distance, but on other days take a shorter walk but walk faster to burn a few extra calories.

#2 Yoga and/or Pilates

Top 5 Exercise for Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Yoga and Pilates are both excellent exercises no matter what you age or current fitness status. They are also perfect post-pregnancy to get back into shape, but getting fitter and toning too.
Yoga works different muscles and can be great for getting your pelvic floor back into shape after pregnancy and birth too.

Only attend classes run by a certified Yoga or Pilates instructor, and don’t over face yourself by joining an advanced class before you are ready.

There are different types of yoga classes too, so try out a few beginner classes and see which suit you. There are also classes available for pregnant women and for ladies after birth.

#3 Swim

Swimming is a great activity for exercising the body without placing undue stress on joints. Start back nice and gently, with a few laps of the pool working your way up to short bursts of several laps as fast as you can.

Like walking, vary the exercise that you do so that vary the muscle groups you use and increase cardio-workout too.

If you find swimming up and down the pool a bit boring, there are other forms of water exercise that work really well;

·         Aquaerobics – loads of fun, aerobics in water is a great way to increase resistance creating a great work out.

·         Swim with baby sessions – many leisure centres and hotel pools hold swimming sessions especially for parents and babies. A great way to up the activity in your day, it is also a great way to make friends with other parents.

·         Wild swimming – swimming in groups in the sea, rivers or lakes is invigorating and great exercise. Get yourself a wetsuit and a hat, enjoy a refreshing dip with fellow enthusiasts.

#4 Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient practice. It combines deep breathing with deep, flowing exercises. Originally developed in 13th century China as a martial art, it is used today by people across the world as a means of exercise and relaxation.

Like yoga, there will be classes across your local area. You can take the classes at your own pace, picking up speed and depth of movement as you become more accustomed to this form of exercise.
Incredibly toning, it is also a form of exercise that can be practiced at home too. Some new mums use it to help them relax in an evening, whilst you can also practice your technique outside in the fresh air.


For when you are truly healed and ready to torch the calories take a look at HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is tipped to be the latest exercising trend in 2017.
There are many classes starting across the country with local gyms providing sessions not only in the gym but outside in the park, on the beach, lake side and so on.
The idea is that short bursts of high intensity training produces a cardio affect that burns calories efficiently. Using all kinds of different forms of exercise, it is a bit like circuit training but sexier.
Exercise and being out in the fresh air is essential for new parents and their new baby. For mum, it helps to keep post-natal depression in check, and can also be a great way to bond with your baby.

HARTMANN Direct are an online supplier of incontinence products and pads. Pads are useful for managing incontinence during pregnancy, and great for post-birth work outs too.